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Monday, October 27, 2014
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Growing up my family had horses, and I rode horses for a number of years. Our horses were full of personality and would on occasion get out into our back yard and just graze on the lawn. And when you have horses at your house, you have to do all sorts of things to care for your very large animal.  Things like mucking out a stall, feeding them, care for them when they get sick, and other farm related daily chores.  I know how to haul hay, back a trailer, tie up, load and saddle a horse, and other things you just need to know how to do.  

Starting when I was about 11, our whole farm would go once a summer to haul hay. Did you catch that?



I have 2 words for you.  

Holy Hotness.  

Being 11, I couldn't lift a bale of hay, but I needed a job on the hay haul.  so, I was instructed to drive the truck. At 11. It was a big, blue three-quarter ton truck, called "Big Blue", hitched to a long trailer full of hale bales and hay bale- throwing adults. Sure, I mean, why not put an 11 year old behind the wheel?

It was the Best. Job. Ever.

Maybe that was when I became a country girl. 

Maybe that was when I started my love of farm trucks.

Old and rusty, big and powerful, screaming Texas from every angle.  A Texas Farm Truck.


So, I bought one. An old one. 

Yes, older than me.

My girls call him the Jolly Green Giant. Jolly for short.


And I love when my friend agreed to have her session on the farm truck. My girlfriend, a person who I love dearly, a true forever friend. I don't have to talk to her every day, but when we talk, we pick up just where we left off.  My treasured friend is a lover of the city- a self proclaimed "City Slicker". And I am her country, grasshopper-catching pal.  (Although I'm not sure her girls appreciated that talent) She knows the places to go, and what is going on. She is my go to girl for all things new and trendy.


I have been photographing this family for years, and I am slowly converting my friend to be a Texas girl.  Well, I might just get her to like Texas a little more each year, because Florida is in her bones.  I love this sweet family, and they are so very photogenic. Every one of them. And I have waited for years for the little one to allow me to take they type of pictures I plan on. And the time has come- 

Of course it helps that she loves her dad- and that who I had her looking at. 

Sweet little Parker. Oh, how you shine.


Love the light, sweet and dreamy. Such a beautiful glow.


Before our session, mom was telling me how happy she was to get pictures of her oldest with gaps in her teeth. It is times like these that happen once- that you don't get again.  We took a lot of pictures of the toothless lady. This is one of my favorites.

Just love this one of sweet sisters.


Pretty girl with her big blue eyes.

Love the boots!!

Love you dear friend!

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