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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
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I love looking for locations. I could go drive and scout locations every chance I got if time allowed. And I love to find new places that I haven't photographed or types of settings that I'm not used to. 

I used to not like to do that at all. 

I was OK just going wherever everyone else was going, and trying to imitate what everyone else was doing. Then that was a whole load of no fun. 

At all. 

Really- no fun and BORING.

So, I really started getting out as scouting places, and finding little gems, and  I realized that was what made my style mine. 


But, back to what I started about, locations.


One of my favorite things of all is when a client says they have a location that they want to use. This special place is in their vision of their images.  That makes the images mean so much more to them. And Me. 

Or if they have something that they want in the images that means something to them. 

This session had both.

Not only did we have a beautiful location all to ourselves, but there were so many things about this session that made it uniquely his.  Senior session are great for that, which also make them so much fun.


His grandparents have land where he has spent a lot of time growing up. Rolling hills, a place to fish, and plenty of work around the farm. Beautiful session and full of his personality.


He has spent a lot of time here in this pasture, I just love how we were able to create an image with the memories of this special place.

And many hours spent on the farm working, makes you want to have your picture with a huge prop. 

I love that we were able to photograph with the tractor too.


So while we were photographing, by the huge fields and the pond, and the tractor, I saw a big hill I wanted to go photograph on. I thought of a few images we could do up there.  We got in the trucks and drove to the front part of the pasture, and T drove the tractor. 

When we got out, and I was setting up, here they come. 

I have had a lot of things happen on sessions, but nothing like this.

They just walked up. 

Thank goodness they were friendly- I had horses growing up, but not cows.

Hello Ladies.

Don't mind us.

And then, the sun started hiding behind the clouds, and giving us some great effects and light.

Such a great way to end a session.

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