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Sunday, August 24, 2014
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It was almost over.


One evening after dinner, I asked my girls to get on the little sundresses I had ordered for our beach pictures, but didn't use. In a few minutes, and a little braid and pony tails, we were photographing our last bit of summer for us to remember. We didn't go anywhere fancy, we just went over in the greenbelt across from our house and I shot a few images.  I really just wanted to get a couple of images of what they looked like for the summer of 2014. Sun kissed little faces and little sweet smiles.

I love the glow of the sun, and the light as it just goes down. This time of evening is my HANDS DOWN favorite time to photograph. 

And it doesn't bother me that Ryder's hair is crazy and in her face, I love that Dani is just loving on her.


Then I grabbed a few of them individually, so I could see their little faces just as they are.

Even when a little friend decides to come fly around. I couldn't help but post this of Dani, we laughed so hard at this when she saw her facial expression.

I love her freckles.


Goodbye fun summer! We will miss your lazy long days.

And this is a sign my girls are through.

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