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Friday, December 19, 2014
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A little sick kiddo means a lot of time home to get stuff done. Well, time I have to stay here, and not drive, so I can get some posting done and some orders filled.  I am so behind on blogging and posting, but I still wanted to get these up so you can see how fun this family was.


If you have had a session recently, you might have met this next lady, my assistant and friend. I love this woman. She is such a fun and funny person to be around, she makes working and photographing so much fun. Our families are great friends too, and we get to spend fun times together. I have learned that it is the support of great people and friends that really get us to where we are, the small or big rolls they play in our lives, make the whole picture seem, well, whole. I couldn't make it without the support of these great people I have as friends.


With all the bad weather we had been having, we finally got to take her families pictures. And I just loved how they turned out. Great outfits for this location, a little dressy with an urban edge to them. We had a lot of great light bouncing off the buildings and that area has some really good textures.  


Such a great family to photograph, and I adore these images.

Love this girl and her sweet smile.  


One way to get him to smile is to talk about girls... Watch out ladies.

G-man. I loved working with this kid. So handsome and had some really great looks for me.

And I can still make the middle school kids laugh.

Which gives me this- my favorite of him.

Love the outfits for this funky urban location. They look so great with the red brick.

We moved to the back of the building when the sun went down and got a few more of the kids. 

She is beautiful!



More of handsome boy.


I love this image- 

You guys were awesome!

Friday, December 12, 2014
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Beautiful light at this session and beautiful people. I just had the best time capturing images of this sweet family.  

Loved the dresses, they were perfect and the guys were in great complimenting colors. Images always turn out great when the clothes were well planned out- the mom did a fantastic job on the clothing, and it really shows. 

These kids are amazing, the best manners, and full of personality. Ryder knows the little boy, he was one of her better friends in Kindergarten, so she had a million questions for me when I got home from the session. Although they don't go to school together anymore, she was interested in how her friend was.

OK, here are a few, very few of the sweet images from their session. 


This little girl is just one of the most photogenic girls, she is just a beauty inside and out.


And I was just loving these boots- they were perfect.



I usually always do a standing image, just to show how tall everyone is at the time.  I know the kids will grow and this will be a great memory to have. I love this image for that reason.



And one of her mom and her pretty girls. 

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Thursday, October 30, 2014
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That is all I know.

I know girls.

But, boy do I just love boys. 

From the minute they step out of the car it is go time. 

Wrestling, flexing, running, helping, laughing, poking, playing, and just being boys.

Boys are just busy. 

But, gosh they are so fun to photograph

I got to see some of my favorite boys and familys recently. As soon as they hopped out of the car, like I said, it was go time.

The boys are so good though, and I had such fun with them. I just let them be themselves and they were a blast.  Just a great, and easy family to photograph!

We went to one of my favorite places to photograph, so many textures and places to take pictures, and of course a nice little field to end in with that pretty light from the sun.

Mom did a fantastic job of coordinating the whole crew.  I mean, I love the pulled together look of the family, and the different textures, and colors were perfect.

I love how the oldest is playing with mom's hair. I asked her about it, and she said both boys do it all the time. What a sweet little thing to have in an image. Boys do love their mommas.

Oh, brothers being brothers.

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Monday, October 27, 2014
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Growing up my family had horses, and I rode horses for a number of years. Our horses were full of personality and would on occasion get out into our back yard and just graze on the lawn. And when you have horses at your house, you have to do all sorts of things to care for your very large animal.  Things like mucking out a stall, feeding them, care for them when they get sick, and other farm related daily chores.  I know how to haul hay, back a trailer, tie up, load and saddle a horse, and other things you just need to know how to do.  

Starting when I was about 11, our whole farm would go once a summer to haul hay. Did you catch that?



I have 2 words for you.  

Holy Hotness.  

Being 11, I couldn't lift a bale of hay, but I needed a job on the hay haul.  so, I was instructed to drive the truck. At 11. It was a big, blue three-quarter ton truck, called "Big Blue", hitched to a long trailer full of hale bales and hay bale- throwing adults. Sure, I mean, why not put an 11 year old behind the wheel?

It was the Best. Job. Ever.

Maybe that was when I became a country girl. 

Maybe that was when I started my love of farm trucks.

Old and rusty, big and powerful, screaming Texas from every angle.  A Texas Farm Truck.


So, I bought one. An old one. 

Yes, older than me.

My girls call him the Jolly Green Giant. Jolly for short.


And I love when my friend agreed to have her session on the farm truck. My girlfriend, a person who I love dearly, a true forever friend. I don't have to talk to her every day, but when we talk, we pick up just where we left off.  My treasured friend is a lover of the city- a self proclaimed "City Slicker". And I am her country, grasshopper-catching pal.  (Although I'm not sure her girls appreciated that talent) She knows the places to go, and what is going on. She is my go to girl for all things new and trendy.


I have been photographing this family for years, and I am slowly converting my friend to be a Texas girl.  Well, I might just get her to like Texas a little more each year, because Florida is in her bones.  I love this sweet family, and they are so very photogenic. Every one of them. And I have waited for years for the little one to allow me to take they type of pictures I plan on. And the time has come- 

Of course it helps that she loves her dad- and that who I had her looking at. 

Sweet little Parker. Oh, how you shine.


Love the light, sweet and dreamy. Such a beautiful glow.


Before our session, mom was telling me how happy she was to get pictures of her oldest with gaps in her teeth. It is times like these that happen once- that you don't get again.  We took a lot of pictures of the toothless lady. This is one of my favorites.

Just love this one of sweet sisters.


Pretty girl with her big blue eyes.

Love the boots!!

Love you dear friend!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014
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This is one of my most favorite families. I knew the mom and dad in my scientist days. Long. Time. Ago. I am so glad we have remained close through marriages, kids, moves, and just plain old life. They are such genuine friends.


Mom did a great job with clothes.  Dressing the whole bunch in one main color and pulling in a few complimentary colors, just looks great!  I really liked the like the natural surroundings and setting of this area. And of course the old truck.

We tried to beat the Texas heat early,  and we were able to grab a couple sweet little images of their family.







One of my favorite things is to have the parents take a few pictures together, just being themselves and laughing together. It just shows the relationship between them, something you don't get to capture often. Not caring about anyone else, just being together and having fun. Love these in this group.


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