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Friday, December 19, 2014
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A little sick kiddo means a lot of time home to get stuff done. Well, time I have to stay here, and not drive, so I can get some posting done and some orders filled.  I am so behind on blogging and posting, but I still wanted to get these up so you can see how fun this family was.


If you have had a session recently, you might have met this next lady, my assistant and friend. I love this woman. She is such a fun and funny person to be around, she makes working and photographing so much fun. Our families are great friends too, and we get to spend fun times together. I have learned that it is the support of great people and friends that really get us to where we are, the small or big rolls they play in our lives, make the whole picture seem, well, whole. I couldn't make it without the support of these great people I have as friends.


With all the bad weather we had been having, we finally got to take her families pictures. And I just loved how they turned out. Great outfits for this location, a little dressy with an urban edge to them. We had a lot of great light bouncing off the buildings and that area has some really good textures.  


Such a great family to photograph, and I adore these images.

Love this girl and her sweet smile.  


One way to get him to smile is to talk about girls... Watch out ladies.

G-man. I loved working with this kid. So handsome and had some really great looks for me.

And I can still make the middle school kids laugh.

Which gives me this- my favorite of him.

Love the outfits for this funky urban location. They look so great with the red brick.

We moved to the back of the building when the sun went down and got a few more of the kids. 

She is beautiful!



More of handsome boy.


I love this image- 

You guys were awesome!

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